Our Y-litter

5 wonderful babies four boys and one girl

S*Fyrpihl´s Yadrian back to Eden, S*Fyrpihl´s Yumjum back to Eden,
S*Fyrpihl´s Yeremy back to Eden, S*Fyrpihl´s Yustin back to Eden,
S*Fyrpihl´s Yustin back to Eden,

Some of this Kittens are avaliable

Interested? send mejl to me: mammaunni@hotmail.com


Our X-litter

2 wonderful boys

S*Fyrpihl´s Xanthias of Eden rag e04 21
S'Fyrpihl´s Xavier of Eden rag n21

Xanthias is avaliable & Xavier probably Stays


Our V-litter
Presley and Elsa

3 wonderful girls

S*Fyrpihl´s Vallice out of Eden rag a04,
S*Fyrpihl´s Venice out of Eden rag a &
S*Fyrpihl´s Veli´ce out of Eden rag a04

All kittens are sold and moved.
Vallice is staying in my Breedning Program as a HostCat


Our second United Litter is born 23 March 2012
More info soon =)

S*FunHouse´s United Amina @Fyrpihls         NaohraDoll´s United Manboy           
Rag c 03                                                       Rag n 04

All Kittens are now sold

Seal and Blue
(= All kittens Carrier of Chocolate =)